This is accomplished through ongoing safety tasks such as, reporting of near misses, daily and weekly inspections of jobsites and shop, weekly toolbox talks, daily pre-task STAC cards and disciplinary forms. Our safety committee consists of all project managers, office staff and owners. Monthly meetings are held to review all items and in order to keep our policy evolving and fresh. This safety culture is working, as our safety statistics have continually improved.

Jeff King – Safety & Health Manager
Rob Harris – Field Safety

Cassie Tinta – Human Relations

L – Look out for others
E – Evaluate surroundings
A – Anticipate hazards
N – New ideas and attitudes

We are a proud supporter of 2Tuff2Talk – a mental health awareness and suicide prevention program geared to union workers in the Northwest Ohio area.

Click here for more info: 2 Tuff 2 Talk