VM Systems utilizes in house CAD detailers to coordinate plan and spec drawings via computer assisted design (CAD). Since 1996, our CAD detailers have enhanced project design drawings with 3-D imaging to coordinate large commercial jobs.

Using state-of-the-art computer equipment and software; our CAD detailers draw the project in a 3-D image that shows elevations such as the top and bottom of the ductwork. They route ductwork to make sure it does not interfere with such things as structural steel, cable trays, light fixtures, sprinklers, piping and drains. With these changes to a project can be made before any ductwork is fabricated, which greatly reduces the cost to the client. In addition, all of the other trades are able to utilize our drawings to see exactly where the ductwork and other items will be located- which is not possible using design drawings.

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VM Systems Purchases A 3D Laser Scanner

TTH all_Basement005_Scan 5.3

VM Systems now offers in-house 3D laser scanning.  We have recently purchased the Trimble TX5 Laser Scanner along with Trimble RealWorks point cloud modeling software to acquire existing field conditions.  This high definition scan incorporates a 70 megapixel color camera to enhance the scan into a “life-like” computer model.

Our BIM team can capture as-is conditions for use on virtual design and construction projects.  It can also be used to capture accurate as-built documentation of a facility for redesign and revamp projects or for updating existing plant documentation in 3D.

Once this data is collected it can be utilized in many ways.  Scan explorer allows us to publish the data in a format that is accessible to any computer running Windows Internet Explorer.

A full color HD Picture can be made available with the ability to collect any point-to-point measurement desired.  It can also be brought into Navisworks for coordination or into SketchUp via plug-in for design.