Cassie Tinta Director of Marketing and Human Relations for VM Systems

Welcome Cassie Tinta, Director of Marketing and Human Relations

VM Systems is pleased to announce the addition of Cassie Tinta as our Director of Marketing and Human Relations. In this position, Cassie will lead the company’s marketing strategy and branding initiatives while developing campaigns to increase sales revenue and market awareness.  As Director of Marketing, Cassie takes on a corporate leadership role for planning and administering all marketing efforts across all VM Systems companies. She will work directly with our project managers and support staff, to drive strategic efforts in sales, analytics and marketing tools.

Along with Marketing, Cassie also has vast experience with Human Relations and employee advocacy.  She brings both strong formal education and practical hands on experience to this important leadership role.

Cassie’s early career focused on Operations Management and Sales, leading her to the manufacturing and marketing industries. She has a background in marketing, and operated EvieLou Studios for 7 years, a freelance marketing agency dedicated to empowering local small businesses.

With Cassie joining our executive team, we are confident that we have added an important individual that will assist us in growing the company, while ensuring that we remain loyal to our cultural values of teamwork, integrity, fairness, compassion and respect.